About Us

Since the inauguration of the business as a repair factory at the Besshi Copper Mine in 1888, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group has been evolving alongside the progress of society and industries of Japan. We are now offering many first-class products that are dominating industries across diverse areas, from power transmission equipment to injection molding machines, as well as environmental facilities and plants, industrial machinery, and construction machinery. The SHI Group looks to its fundamental principle of “creating customer value”, by considering things from the perspective of our customers, to create “first-class products”. We analyze the trends of individual regions and market fields in the global market in order to continue transforming into an organization that can respond to changes in the demand structure. We have pooled our strengths to create “first-class products”, which we will spread around the globe. We aim to take a leap forward to become a Global Excellent Company, a “Global Sumitomo Heavy Industries”, by continuing to provide products that are recognized in markets the world over.

[About Sumitomo]

Our corporate name is crowned by the name, “Sumitomo”. We have several business enterprises in Japan and these are collectively referred to as the Sumitomo Group. Each company in the Sumitomo Group was created and evolved into a business enterprise from the business operations of the Sumitomo Family with the history of the parent body exceeding 400 years. Other than SHI, the companies are spread over a diverse range of business categories, including finance, commerce, steel making and chemicals. Each of these companies are independent corporate entities, however the “Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy” that has been inherited from the historical Sumitomo Family, is adhered to by these companies to this day. There is no such company as “Sumitomo”. There is also no particular company that is controlling the other companies or in a relationship of authority over others.
Except for a few companies, the corporate name of each company is crowned by the same “Sumitomo” name, and the corporate emblem is also an identical Sumitomo mark (the “Igeta” well frame mark). Each company cooperates with one another to sustain and manage the Igeta mark. Please refer to “Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee” for details on the History and Business Philosophy of Sumitomo.